Specialized Equipment

We are committed to insuring the quality of our dental work. We use the finest dental materials and most advanced dental equipment. Every phase of our diagnostic and clinical work is done with the utmost care, skill, and knowledge.

Facilities and Equipment
Our office features state-of-the art equipment and services, including:

  • Three Surgical Dental Microscopes (Global & Zeiss)
  • Sirona AxeosTM Cone Beam CT imaging (3D Xray)
  • CEREC 3D one visit crown (CEREC Prime Scan & Primemill)
  • EMS Air-Flow Master Piezon®: Delivers complete and effective prophylaxis treatment as well as utmost patient comfort. The AIR-FLOW Master Piezon features NO PAIN scaling, supragingival AIR-FLOW® and subgingival air-polishing in shallow, as well as in deep periodontal pockets.
  • SONICflex 2008L Air Scaler: Oscillating movement, instead of a rotating finishing bur, results in the ultimate protection of the healthy tooth. The versatile system covers a complete range of minimally invasive indications.
  • Isolite System: Achieve better visibility and moisture control, resulting in improved efficiency, clinical results, safety, and patient comfort.
  • Biostar® Scan: The computerized Biostar pressure molding machine features modern micro processing electronics designed to improve the ease of operation and thermal forming results.
  • SonicFill™: The only sonic-activated, single step bulk-fill dental composite system for posterior dental restorative procedures.
  • AIR-FLOW® handy 3.0 PERIO :is the first portable air-polishing unit enabling the dental practitioner to efficiently, safely and comfortably perform sub- and supragingival treatments.
  • EMS Piezon Master Surgery® : Piezon ultrasonic surgery offers a multitude of advantages over conventional techniques: increased safety, enhanced visibility, more precision, faster healing and more patient comfort. Applications include oral surgery, periodontal surgery and implantology.
  • ZEISS Cinema ProMED System: High quality 2D or 3D videos during most any procedure in a comfortable, convenient and immersive environment. This will help patient relaxed and forget where they are, decreasing anxiety and stress and improving their overall dental experience!
  • KAVO MASTERspace Lab Desk: High efficiency, perfect quality, fine design and maximum functionality for finest dental craftsmanship.
  • DIAGNOdent laser: diagnoses decay painlessly, quickly and definitively
  • The Precise® LTM diode laser : makes soft tissue minor surgery easier and more comfortable for the patient.
  • Osstell ISQ: objectively determines implant stability and assesses the progress of osseointegration without jeopardizing the implant healing process.
  • Versah® Bur Technology: osseodensification innovation maintains and conserves bone density and creates more bone-implant contact, resulting in higher insertion torque values.
  • Bioclear® Matrix System
  • Air abrasion: an alternative to drilling for removing decayed tooth
  • Electric handpiece: if the whine of the dental drill offends your senses, electric handpieces will place your mind at ease
  • Rembrandt In-Office Sapphire light bleaching system
  • Nitrous oxides
  • Portrait and intraoral photography
  • Digital x-rays for increased diagnostic accuracy and radiation reduction of 50-90%
  • IRIS® Intraoral camera allowing easier communication between patient and doctor
  • Chairside computer monitor for educational videos or patient entertainment
  • Satellite overhead music system