Meet The Staff


Christine Chiang: Dental Assistant

Christine is Dr. Chiang’s beautiful wife, also born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. She loves singing with her children, making new friends, reading and being an active part of Grace & Glory Church which she co-established with her husband.

Gabriella Micheletti: Administrator/Dental Assistant

Gabriella recently moved here from Nevada, she has been working in the dental field for a little over 4 years as an office administrator and recently completed a college course to become a dental assistant. She has discovered her love and passion for the dental field and looks forward to learning from Pullman Family Dentistry to further her knowledge and skills in the dental field. During her free time she enjoys baking, cooking, and spending time with her 5 year old son. 

Angie Sandell: Administrator/Dental Assistant

Angie was born and raised in Indonesia and moved to Washington in 2015. She is currently a psychology major at Washington State University. She looks forward to gaining more experience in the dental field. During her free time, she enjoys going to the gym, hiking with her dog, cooking, and travelling.

Kimberly Velasco: Dental Assistant 
Kimberly is a junior at Washington State University studying Bio-chemistry with a business minor on the pre-dental track. She is originally from California and moved to Washington a few years ago. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. Her hobbies include running, swimming, and doing arts and crafts.
Emma Buchanan: Dental Assistant/Office Adminstrator
Emma moved to Pullman in 2021 for her freshman year at Washington State University. She has since decided to work here at the office and pursue a job in the dental field. She lives in Pullman with her husband and enjoys cooking, being outside, and going to the gym.
Paige Darley: Dental Assistant
Paige is a junior at Washington State University who is studying Biology on the Pre-Dental track. She hopes to go to dental school after graduating. She enjoys learning all about the dental field and enjoys spending time with loved ones. Some of her favorite hobbies include cooking and exercising.
Katherine Potterf: Dental Assistant
Katherine is a senior attending Washington State University, majoring in Biology. She’s hoping to go to dental school and eventually become a dentist herself, and is so excited to learn about the field. She loves being social and doing activities with friends and family.
Amber Snell: Dental Assistant
Amber moved to the Pullman area from Nevada in 2001 and has lived here since then. She has in the dental field for 5 years and loves learning more about dentistry as she furthers her career. She has 5 kids and a wonderful husband who she loves spending time with. In her free time she likes to draw and design.                                 
Alexa Brill: Dental Assistant 

Alexa is a senior at Washington State University studying Biology with a minor in chemistry. Her goal is to attend dental school at OHSU in Portland Oregon and one day open an office of her own. When she’s not studying or at work she teaches for the chemistry department and also enjoys cooking and working out in her free time. 

Brandi Eldridge: Dental Assistant
Brandi is a sophmore at Washington State University studying biology as a pre-dental student. Her goal is to attend dental school after getting her bachelor’s degree at WSU. She loves working at Pullman Family Dentistry and being involved in the dental community. In her spare time she enjoys being with her family and friends, baking, exercising, and reading.