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Dear Patient,

For some years now, I have been concerned about whether dentistry, as a whole, was headed in the healthiest direction.  As a result of cosmetic makeover television shows, and the heavy marketing of cosmetic products, more people are seeking dental care to improve their appearance.  More are using tooth-whitening products and seeking ways to perfect their smiles.  Unfortunately, many patients and dental care givers are overlooking the tried and proven steps involved in developing optimal care treatment plans.  Cosmetic movements give a false impression of simplicity and singularity of purpose.  They detract from the important questions:  What is the most appropriate dentistry for this particular patient to achieve lifetime health, function, and natural beauty?  What would be the optimal path for achieving the best overall results that will last the longest and, in the end, cost the least and cause the least harm to the natural tooth structure?

You wouldn’t fix an old, worn-out car by simply painting the hood.

The Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education, where I have received advanced training, believes that optimal care involves suggesting the best available treatment appropriate for each patient to obtain Health, Comfort, Function, and Esthetics.  I am committed to helping you have the most appropriate treatment to achieve your goals.  What’s more, I am committed to helping you understand what is in your best interest for long-term oral health.  The best dentistry is not quickly performed. It requires considerable reflection on the individual’s oral health condition, planning, and staged treatment that takes the whole mouth into consideration.

Sharing the enclosed newsletter with you is one of the ways I can inform you about my practice, and about optimal oral health care.  Regular professional tooth cleaning is imperative to good health and maintaining your teeth for a lifetime.  If it has been a while since you have had a cleaning and check up, don’t postpone scheduling an appointment.

Let’s work together to assure you are appropriately cared for – for optimal oral health over your lifetime.  If you desire cosmetic improvements in your smile, I would like the opportunity to advise you about the best way to achieve overall aesthetic improvements, given your individual circumstances.

Wishing you a lifetime of optimal oral health,

Dr. Jack Chiang

Jack Chiang, DDS, MAGD, FICOI